One face of my multifaceted life


What’s my life like? Well the answer has differed from time to time. I recently shifted cities. New people met, some were good, some were fake, some were really bad. I used to have a lonely but productive life back in Karachi. I’ve never been good at making friends in practical life. I hardly get comfortable with anyone, but when I do, I get annoying. That’s why I am ignored. I am a huge introvert, I avoid people. I do have productive hobbies, though. I am told to be deep on Twitter. Well being deep also has pros and cons. You get happiness from the slightest actions but also get broken with the slightest actions as well, even if they were unintended. The pressure increased when I came in Lahore. I hardly have any time to spare for my hobbies. Apart from that, I’ve enjoyed the company of the internet friends I met on Twitter since I shifted here. I never had internet friends before as I followed ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule. Basically I just got more mature here, but this lead into me being more disheartened at times but also crazily happy. I did things I could never think of doing before. I was considered to be extremely childish before, the one who told everything to her mom. I still miss that life I had in Karachi, it was better or worse than the present in some way or another.

Life moves on, it may get rough but it still gives you a bit of it’s sweetness.